HOT Exxtreme Glide 100 ml

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Hot Exxtreme Glide Waterbased is an exceptional water-based lubricant. It is made from the best ingredients and very comfortable in use. This makes this lubricant ideal for anal penetration. Precisely in situations that concern it, this lubricant helps you to just add that extra push. The product contains vegetable extracts like St. John's wort and sunflower oil. St. John's wort helps the muscles to relax, and tea-flower oil increases the pleasure. Hot Exxtreme Glide Waterbased is particularly suitable for use with condoms, massage devices, rubber and latex products and sex toys. Meet a pleasant gel, where you will have a long time to enjoy! 

Most important features

• Water-based skin-friendly lubricant, odor-free and especially suitable for anal sex 

• Dermatologically tested, guaranteed to be of the highest quality 

• Does not stick, is not greasy and does not leave traces or stains on sheets or clothes 

• Higher pleasure thanks to vegetable extracts and comfort oil A + 

• Very comfortable in use, packed in handy and hygienic tube 

• Increases moisture content and works relaxing on the circular muscle