• Very realistic, life-size sex doll
  • Made out of high-quality and realistic TPE
  • Curvaceous breasts
  • Thin with beautiful curves
  • With a blonde and a black wig
  • With pair of replacement eyes (blue) and eyelashes


Realistic beauty with hot curves!
 There’s not much difference between this life-like sex doll and a real  woman! Jessy has a beautiful 3D face with long eyelashes and luscious  lips. Her deep brown eyes can be swapped with the included pair of  seductive blue eyes for a quick change of appearance. Her skin is made  out of high-quality TPE which feels incredibly realistic. The vagina,  anus and mouth opening also feel realistic as well. The labia are  equally seductive and life-like too. The long-haired woman is very thin  and has curvy hips. The curvaceous breasts have perfectly shaped nipples  on them. The hands and feet stand out because of how realistic they  look – right down to the manicured finger nails. An aluminium skeleton  inside means that Jessy is flexible from head to toe. The doll comes  with lots of accessories:

• 1 x Cleansing Irrigator
• 1 x Chemise
• 1 x Pair of cotton gloves
• 1 x Long blonde wig 1 x short black wig

An additional package will be sent with the doll that contains the following items:

• 1 x Pair of replacement eyes (blue)
• 1 x Set of replacement eyelashes
• General customer information
• Instructions for swapping the eye colours (German/English)

 Size 168 cm. Weight 32 kg. Measurements: chest 85 cm, waist: 56 cm,  hips 85 cm. Clothes size: XS-S. Cup size: C. Shoe size (European): 32.  Insertion depth of the mouth: 13 cm, insertion depth of the vagina 18  cm, insertion depth of the anus 16 cm. TPE, polyester.

Jessy Summer tas hem på beställning, betalas med Swish eller banköverföring.