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Kissa Sins doesn't have the  typical profile of a pornstar you may find on Pornhub.  She was born in  California but spent much of her childhood in Canada.  She did not get  her start in the porn business until later than most girls and when she  did finally hit the adult entertainment spotlight, she was destined for  stardom.  She knows how to push the limit with her daring and  adventuresome sexual escapades. Having been nominated and awarded  several XXX accolades including those of XBIZ and AVN acclaim, Kissa,  who is known for her hardcore and downright wild performances continues  to push the envelope. Whether she is softly partaking in a sensual and  romantic rendezvous or being spanked and banged by multiple dudes at one  time, Kissa enjoys every single encounter. There is no stopping this  thirty-something beauty who loves eating ass more than anyone we have  ever known.  What will YOU do with your Kissa Sins Fleshlight?