Joyballs Secret Purple / Black

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Joyballs Secret no strings attached! Red/Black Joyballs are a product for women designed by women. Your intimate health deserves special attention and care. Beneficial to women of all ages, kegel exercises are recommended to aid during pregnancy, with childbirth and recovery, to improve incontinence and increase vaginal lubrication. Strengthen and tone your pelvic muscles for more control, more intense orgasms and enhanced intimate pleasure. Easy and convenient Joyballs secret make exercising during your daily activities more comfortable and effective while simultaneously providing you with tangible and discreet enchanting stimulation. Award winning ergonomic design to fit the curves of a woman's body. No strings attached, Joyballs have an integrated retrieval loop. Whisper quiet due to innovative, patented technology. Patented inner ball design provides a trampoline effect that constantly sends out stimulating pulses with every move you make-for the most effective results. Manufactured using body safe and hypoallergenic silicone. All products phthalate free, nickel free, lead free. No harmful chemicals. Easy to clean, waterproof and dishwasher safe. Compatible with all lubricants. Joyballs are 4.25 inches in circumference and 4.
49 inches in length, Weight

3 ounces. 2 year warranty. Recommended by gynecologist and midwives to develop the and control the pelvic floor muscles PC muscle. Joyballs secret are ideal for women following pregnancy, who suffer from incontinence or who want to enhance their lovemaking by adding a new level of stimulation during intercourse.

no string attached. Award Winning ergonomic design to fit the curves of the female body. Maximum results, minimum effort. Smooth and silky surface, easy to clean. Silent, invisible and comfortable to wear. Innovative, body safe medical grade material. Joy Division my love style you will love your little secret inside - Joyballs Made in Germany.