Commander Erection Enhancer

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Super-size your intimate pleasure, and erotic performance, with the  Penis Pump Commander Erection Enhancer. The stretchy erection enhancer  is designed for solo use or use with an erection pump, for prolonged  intimacy and a heightened climax experience. Pump it up, and then  maintain your erection with the dual handled ring.The easy to use  erection enhancer is made from unscented,  superior, silicone and has a  unique double-handled design for secure positioning. To use the enhancer  ring, stretch the ring over the erection pump opening so that it rests  on the flexible donut seal. Once you have achieved the desired pumped  effect, slide the erection enhancer off the pump, and directly onto the  erect penis. Glide down to the base, and allow the ring to maintain  stamina support for your elevated performance.Ideal for first time and  experienced pump users, the erection enhancer maintains a rock hard  erection for prolonged periods of tantalizing orgasmic play. Take full  control of your sensual experience and use the stretchy ring to explore  secret fantasies and exotic pleasure. To maximize the sensitivity and  sensations, always use a quality lube with this toy. Clean the enhancer  before and after every use. Wash the ring in soapy water, or clean with a  toy cleaner spray.