Universal Silicone Pump Sleeve

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Amp up your pumping session to maximum levels of comfort with the  Universal Silicone Pump Sleeve. This protective and pleasurable sleeve  makes your pumping pressure more pleasurable than ever while maintaining  that airtight seal you need to get the most growth out of your  sessions.Penis pumps use an airtight seal and hand pump to create  suction around your penis. This results in increased pressure and blood  flow to your penis. In the short term, this means rock-hard erections  that’ll increase your confidence and drive your partners wild. In the  long term, pumps encourage growth in both length and width to transform  your bedroom experiences.With our  donut sleeve, you no longer have to  endure uncomfortable suction to help your penis reach its full  potential. This super soft sleeve fits pump cylinders up to three inches  or eight centimeters in diameter, so stretch it over your favorite  device’s cylinder for comfort and pleasure like never before.This pure  silicone sleeve keeps your manhood comfortable and protected while you  pump for a more relaxing and pleasurable experience. It’s body safe and  unscented for total peace of mind. Premium silicone pairs with an  incredibly durable 2.25-inch by 2.5-inch size to create a pump sleeve  that stretches to fit your needs.