Posh 10-function Bounding Bunny

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Vibrator Posh Bounding Bunny 15 cm is 100% silicone pink, powerful and silent Vibrator.

Bounding Bunny is a high-quality waterproof Vibrator with a rabbit-shaped clitoris sucker.

Bunny's surface is a luxurious and hygienic, velvety silicone .

The rod is flexible from the tip.

The vibrator has two powerful engines, one close to the tip of the rod and the other one in the clitoris tweeter.

Two engine allows for versatile use, the rod is suitable for penetration and clitoral and caressing the external parts of the vagina, separately or simultaneously.

Both engines are rolled out of the bottom of the rod with two buttons. Selectable

three different powers and seven different accelerating rhythms.

Despite its power, the Vibrator's sound is extremely quiet.

A hygienic rod is easy to keep clean.
Recommend to use with the water-based slider.

Length of tip of the rod n 15 cm (from the lower part of the clitoris snipper to the tip of the tip 11 cm)

The diameter of the rod tip approx. 2,5 cm
Clitoris diver leg of about 5 cm
Clitoral diver diameter of n.2,5 cm
Total length about 22 cm