Rabbit Pearl Rotating

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Meet this delicious Tarzan vibrator: The Rotating Rabbit. His shaft vibrates and rotates in both directions. And also his clitoris stimulator vibrates at different speeds. You can enjoy both vibrator and stimulator at one time or you can set them alternately and separately. How he turns his lap rounds, now to the left, then again to the right ... How he kicks your clitoris with his rabbits ... How he massages your body lips, with his internally rotating pearls ... Say yourself, so A vibrator wants everyone ?! 

- Total length: 18 cm 
- Penetration depth: 14 cm 
- Diameter: 4 cm 
- Material: PVC 
- Stainless steel: Yes 
- Color: Pink 
- Operation: Pushbutton
- Works on 2 x AA Batteries (not included)