Pixey Aquawand - Black Edition

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The features of this vibrator are perfect, such as the silent and  powerful motor, the flexible silicone head and of course the water  repellent effect, also the unique feature of the magnetic rechargeable  system (so no plug-in cables). The Aquawand is almost entirely made of  silicone, not only the head (dia 55 mm) but also the handle is made of  silicone which makes the sensual feeling even more intense. This Pixey  Aquawand is splash water proof, which means that you can clean it under  the tap but you can also use it in the shower. We do not recommend  playing with it in the bath.
Three easy button control, 20 variations and five speeds.
High quality product from Pixey, the best choice for an amazing sensation.

* Flexible head
* Strong and silent motor (8500 rpm)
* 3 buttons control
* 5 vibration speeds, 20 modes
* Waterproof (splash)
* Full silicone
* Rechargeable
* Magnetic charging
* Body safe material