Pixey Hammerhead

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Introducing the revolutionary new flat headed Pixey Hammerhead. Experience orgasms on another level thanks to the powerful vibrating-motor.
Specially made for body massages and sexual experiences. A must-have elegant device that cannot be missed from anyone’s nightstand.

  • One of the most powerful body massager in the world.
  • Stimulate and/or relax your muscles, relieve aches and pains.
  • Wireless and rechargeable, lasts up to 60 minutes.
  • Works while charging via USB type C connector for endless pleasure.
  • Comes with a beautiful box to keep it clean and dust free.
  • 5 Vibration speeds from approx. 3.000 rpm to 12.000 rpm.
  • 5 Vibration & Pulse modes for the perfect massage.
  • USB Power adapter with 2,5 meter long cord included.
  • Specially designed soft TPE Silicone Flat-head.
  • 3 easy to use control buttons.

How it works:
Simply turn on the Pixey  Hammerhead by pressing the power button. The Pixey Hammerhead will now  turn on the medium vibration setting, press the plus or minus buttons to  increase or decrease the vibration intensity.

To change the vibration & pulse mode short press the power button, there is a total of 5 modes.

To turn the Pixey Hammerhead OFF press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds.

The battery is built and can be easily charged with the included  USB-C cable and power adapter, you can use the Pixey Hammerhead while  charging.

The speallu designed flat head of the Pixey Hammerhead is made from a  hygienically body safe TPE silicone, easy to clean and can be used with  all types of lubricant.

Please note:

The Pixey Hammerhead is not waterproof, never use the device in the shower or submerge under water.

Extremely powerful vibration, use with caution!