Alcogel 100 ml 80.02% alkohol

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STERGEL  hydroalcoholic sanitizing gel is a disinfectant gel that will allow you  to wash your hands without the need for water. Its formula based on  alcohol and aloe vera removes dirt effectively while ensuring optimal  levels of hydration. 

Indicated  for preventive hygiene in situations of contact with pathogenic  organisms destroying around 90% of skin bacteria: gram-negative,  gram-positive, microbacteria, fungi, and lipid-coated viruses (including  COVID-19, HIV and hepatitis B).


  • How to use 

Apply  on the hands and rub for at least 30 seconds until it is completely  impregnated, reaching its maximum effectiveness after 2-3 minutes. It  does not need clarification. 

  • European Regulations 

This  hydroalcoholic gel complies with: Bactericide according to EN1500  Standard (Hygienic Hand Disinfection by Friction), EN 12791 Standard  (Surgical Hand Disinfection) and viricide according to EN14476. 

It does not need clarification. Convenient travel format. 

  • Formula; 

Ethanol, Water, Carbomer, Trolamine, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hyaluronic Acid