Kiotos COX Black Extra Long 40 cm

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This  dildo has an elongated smooth shape to stimulate the deeper parts of  your bowels. The strong suction cup allows you to attach your dildo on a  smooth surface, such as a door, bathroom wall or the edge of a bathtub!  

This great dildo is made of Liquid silicone material and feels  great! The soft and flexible material ensures a long lasting and  realistic experience with every use.

The Kiotos COX can be used  with all water and silicone-based lubricants, is waterproof, 100%  phthalate-free, odourless and body-safe. This Kiotos COX dildo is sold  in a blister pack.


Diameter                        18 mm >  45 mm                    
Length                        400 mm                    
Insertable length                        360 mm                    
Material                        Silicone