Push Monster - Flexible Power Douche - X-Large

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This hose is no ordinary shower head: its length and flexible material  make it a very easy partner for your weekly anal ablutions. Considering  it's more than 30 cm long but extremely thin, you can use it with great  ease and literally bend it to your will.

Anal cleaning once in a  while is recommended if you want peace of mind during anal sex, as you  won't have to worry about being clean and you can focus on the moment at  hand. The single jet that comes out of the douche is powerful enough to  clean without risking hurting you, and you can change the temperature  or the strength of it at any time with your shower setting as long as  you have a mixer tap.

The second great thing about this hose is  that its screw can fit onto any shower tube or even our brand new  Universal Big Bulb, as it uses the European system of 1/2 inch in  diameter.

Its conical tip allows for smooth and easy insertions  even without lube. If you decide to use lube, note that silicone-based  lubricant might deteriorate your silicone shower head. We recommend  using water-based lube for that.

Product details :

  • Extra-long shower head
  • Easy to use and easy to attach
  • Smooth insertions with its conical tip
  • A single powerful jet
  • Soft silicone, skin and body-friendly
  • Compatible with water-based lube

Total Length: ca. 46 cm (ca. 18.1 inches)

Insertable Length: ca. 31,5 cm (ca. 17.5 inches)

Diameter: ca. 2 cm (ca. 0.8 inch)

Material: silicone

Color: black

Compatible: water-based lubes

Care: wash with warm soapy water, let air dry